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check/ACH fraud security

Positive Pay from United can help keep your business safer when it comes to check and ACH fraud. You give us the details about the checks you write, and we compare it against checks that are presented on your account. You will also review all ACH items that are presented on your account, unless you set up rules for recurring transactions.

It’s a great way to increase your peace of mind if you typically write a lot of checks or write checks of high dollar amounts.

ways to protect

There are two ways to handle check reviews with Positive Pay:

  • You may upload a file of your outstanding/issued checks, and if the information on the check matches the file you provided to us, we pay the check; if any of the reviewable items do not match, the item will be flagged as an exception for you to decision.
  • Or, you can choose to not upload a file and then you will review all checks that are presented on your account, and you will have the option to “pay” or “return”.

In both instances above, you will be presented with all ACH items that are debited from your account unless you set up rules to allow the items to automatically be paid. ACH items will default to “pay” unless they are unauthorized and then they can be marked “return”.

All exception items must be reviewed by 2pm EST Monday through Friday.

When you choose Positive Pay, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect your accounts.

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